Nervous patients

A fear of the dentist or anything to do with dental treatment is very common and affects thousands of people. Dental anxiety can range from being slightly nervous to a fear that’s so bad it prevents you from having important treatment done.

A lot of dental fears stem from past unpleasant experiences with the dentist, maybe as a child. Many others though are simply a fear of the unknown. Common dental fears include:

  • Being scared of what the dentist will say about my teeth
  • The dentists chair
  • Being frightened that treatment will be painful.
  • Fear of dental injections and needles.
  • Feeling out of control.
  • Choking
  • The noise and smell of the Dentist
  • Dental instruments

Overcoming Your Fears


Here at Repton Dental our aim is to make sure every patient that visits us feels as comfortable and relaxed as possible. This all begins the very first time we meet where the dentist will take a full dental history and try and find out what your worries are relating to dentistry.  From here our journey supporting you through dental treatment will begin. 

"I found Dr Kainths approach very thorough and extremely professional. He discussed the pros and cons of possible alternatives treatments with me in detail and once we made a decision, he offered the best care and service one could have hoped for." Dr Csaba Sinka

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